Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Trashing the Blue Peter Garden

I've just found out something that, if it is true, is quite amazing. Apologies if this is esoteric, but does anyone remember when the Blue Peter garden was vandalised back in 1983? I was only 5, but I have a really clear memory of one of the presenters crying.

Well, apparently, one of the culprits was veteran footballer Les Ferdinand!!! This is only a rumour, and I'd really appreciate some confirmation.
Not strictly true, M. Hepcat. I believe the year was 1985 or '86, and the culprits were the Jesus and Mary Chain, just off recording on the Whistle Test or Top of the Pops or similar. Though I doubt they'd be vicious enough to pour bleach into the pond.

Again, largely supposition, but I think more likely than Les Ferdinand.
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