Monday, July 12, 2004

The Lodge!

Well, here I am, stuck in the Porter's Lodge for my first really long shift. Not as interesting as I'd hoped. I've decided to pass the time reading JG Ballard's 'Empire of the Sun', a gift from a good friend which I'd intended to read ages ago, but never had the time.

Aside from giving me time to catch up on reading, this job does have one additional perk: Fantastic (free) food. The food at Mansfield is amazing and each evening I can basically order what I want. Today I went traditional and light: I had Ham and Mustard sandwiches with salad.

Any ideas about how to kill the next 2 1/2 hours?
Having done my fair share of staying up all night, here is my list of top five things to do in those twilight hours:
1)Make cryptic crosswords. Its really fun.
2)Read around the world in 80 days. Perfect length for the night-time read. And it doesn't have Jackie Chan in which is a bonus.
3)Learn Shakespeare soliliques. Now is the very witching time of night, now could I do such bitter deeds ... and scare yourself.
4)Practice screaming in slow motion. Actually, more fun than it sounds and can keep yuo going for hours.
5)Be mean to the students who have locked themselves out.
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