Friday, August 06, 2004

Born to run

Now we all know the Boss speaks from the heart. But I sincerely believe that if he'd chosen to campaign by himself, he'd have had more impact. I just don't think any of those other bands can speak to ordinary Americans in the way that Springsteen does. REM just embody the kind of sixth form poetry that enrages you so much it makes you, y'know, want to slap someone just for the hell of it. And the Dixie Chicks? For Chrissakes man!

It's also really interesting to notice Bruce's luke-warm endorsement of Kerry/Edwards. Sure, he wants them to win, but I get the impression that like many of us, he can't help but wonder 'then what'. The truth is that whichever way you cut it, neither of them are fit to lace his boots.

Update: I was sorely tempted to title this post 'Bruce Almighty'.

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