Monday, August 16, 2004

Damn you Fabricant!!!

Well, summer is here and the Westminster village lays silent. Champagne Tony is in Athens and the rest are doing, well, whatever it is they do on their hols. A lack of politics in the news has left a hack like me with nothing to do to occupy his time (erm – except maybe write my thesis!?!).

So I thought I’d share a couple of stories about the Tory legend that is Michael Fabricant, the MP with a name most resembling that of a Bond villain.

Michael narrowly misses out being included on the ‘political hairdos’ series as he doesn’t possess a combover, but a particularly luxuriant wig. To be correct - a Woganesque three luxuriant wigs of varying length – presumably to give the impression of growth. The longest of these, however, is of truly huge proportions. Think Limahl, or Pat Sharpe in his pomp. Its Commons debut drew a collective gasp from the gallery.

The coiffured one also has a rather interesting night time habit (not that kind of habit – I’ve got no intention of turning into a kind of liberal Drudge). His Parliamentary office is near the roof, and occasionally, Michael has been know to venture out and, using the floodlights, project ‘bunny head’ shapes onto Big Ben.

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