Monday, August 16, 2004

Last Action Hero

'What did you do on your hols Tone?'

'Nothing much Jonno, you?'

'I bloody saved a member of the public from drowning! Am I closing on the title of the most knockabout MP ever or what!?! I mean Christ! Look at me!'

'Well, Nye Bevan was a big guy...'

He went up in my estimation infinitely when he punched the Welsh egger... not that I support violence or anything, but it gave him a very human side.

Not so sure about this windfarm legislation he's trying to sneak through while Tone's on his holidays though...
What? is he for or against the windfarms?
I personally say yey to them. And I'm not one of those NIMBY people - they will *all* be in my back yard, I live in, like, windsville.
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