Thursday, September 02, 2004


Much like the DNC, Matt Yglesias is covering the Republicans, and boy, did he not like Zell's speech! The ever-excellent Oxblog is there too, this time David Adesnik gets the nod.

On a serious point, some of the imagery at the RNC really rams home some of the differences between the electorate in the UK and the US. The patriotic music, the flags...the hats! I've no idea how it plays in the US, but I can't imagine it being anything but disasterous here. Anyone remember Neil Kinnock at the 1992 Conference in Sheffield?

Update: I saw Zell Miller's speech last night, and to be honest, I kind of see where Matt's coming from (for once!) - I saw Cheney's as well. He's by far the better orator, but fell a bit flat to my eyes. You may have noticed I'm a day behind with all this. Next...Kerry Wins Iowa caucus!

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