Thursday, September 16, 2004

Shuffling the pack

Loads of really interesting stuff happening at the minute, more than I have time to do justice to really, so today's posts are a bit of a digest. I'll try and point the way to the more interesting commentary out there.

Reshuffle! Always a cause of great excitement among us pointy-heads.

I have to take the fifth on the Labour ins-and-outs, but interesting goings on in Smith Square. David Cameron was always going to get a job, watch him for one of the big posts after the next election. The real surprise, for me, was that Oliver Letwin (who's been virtually anonymous in recent months) and Teresa May (never quite forgiven for her 'nasty party' comment) remained in post. The return of grandees Nicholas Soames and John Redwood is probably not the desparate act many have suggested, but an attempt to shore up core support.

Oh, and Christ! Is it me, or does this look a little...authoritarian?

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