Monday, November 15, 2004

All too predictably...

...and in the interests of objectivity and fairness:

This bothers me no end!!! werenotsorry? I suppose that website addresses are unable to have punctuation, but this clearly hasn't been thought through fully! It looks like "were not sorry" rather than "we're not sorry", which only argues the case of illiteracy, or that there is some crazed past tense usage that I don't understand.
It also doesn't help that the "werenotsorry" link doesn't actually go anywhere "real" (as much as anything is real on the web/blogosphere). So it's actually rather irrelevant whether it's "were not sorry" or "we're not sorry", or even the homepage of "We, Reno T Sorry", the hivemind construct started in California but rapidly spreading to include members all over the world.
What the hell are you talking about? "Hive mind construct"? God damned hippies. Especially Californian hippies. They should try their crazy meditating crap when they've got whooping primitives shooting at them.

As for those assholes at "", they should get their asses over to the Middle East and try living for a few years under a strict religious regime, because that's what it'll be like here if that born-again bunglehead has his way.
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