Friday, November 12, 2004

Nature v Nurture

I have been reading Paradise Lost of late and it offers an interesting angle to the old nurture/nature question.

Eve was disobendient and thus bad: was this because of the nurturing from her family situation? Well, you could wheel out the single parent argument, but I think that God was prolly more than enough mother and father (plus they had the host of angels guarding and looking after them). Adam, of course, could claim that Eve led him astray (boo!)
So then, could it have been, instead, in Eve's nature? But could God have given Eve naughty genes? Unlikely.

What, then, it boils down to is, as always, peer pressure. Satan, disguised as a garden snake actually tells Eve that it will make her smarter and Adam will respect her more. Oh and she'll look really cool.

By the way, don't beleive the computer. This was posted by me. Not Rod.

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