Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A Shakespeare post? It must be Poppet

I have been thinking a lot recently about how I would direct Hamlet if I was ever called upon to stage a production of it (which seems quite unlikely, I know). With this in mind, I particularly like this list of things I would never do when staging a Shakespeare.
Inexplicably, I will never portray Hamlet as having had sex with, or wanting to have sex with his mother is in there, but I will never have Hamlet consider suicide in the to be or not to be speech is not.
I would be tempted to add: 1) I will never have the actor playing King Lear leap to his feet at the end of the play after Lear died (indeed, I might add I will never cut out the eye gouging scenes from said play) and 2) I will never mock the less hirsuite members of the audience for a quick laugh with my oversized Timmy Mallet comb, to compensate for the fact that the play I have chosen to stage is really dull.

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