Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Yet more conference shennanigans

I'll be presenting a version of the Coventry paper at the University of Bremen in March next year, at their Conference on Social Justice. The paper should be available on the conference website closer to the time.


Come on scrooge, if this doesn't make you festive, nothing will!

More Christmas cheer...

These guys are funny. I'm making a point to link to more blogs I generally disagree with, as it worries me that maybe 90% of the sites I visit are pretty liberal (in the American sense). And shouldn't the internet be a forum for the great debate?

Well, have a read, and see what you think. And to link with my Christmas cheer theme, try and think of some challenging gifts to put in their stockings (Chumbawumba albums?), or indeed in mine (Spectator subscription?)

Christmas cheer

War, famine, crime...God, Christmas is depressing, isn't it? It's enough to put you off your mince pies. Particularly as there is absolutely noone left in Oxford (except me, forlornly typing at my desk).

So to cheer me and everyone up, this space is henceforth dedicated to marvellous Christmas news! Starting with the long overdue solution to the 'German beer question'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

More conference blogging...

Someone just lent me a copy of David Lodge's 'Small World'. I'm hoping that in real life, the experience is far more mundane...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

More good news!

Don't pick up the soap Nick...

Good news everyone!

I've been toiling so very hard down in the thoughtmines. But a thousand huzzahs, for I am back! And I come bearing publications!

I've been working on a paper with Martin Seelieb-Kaiser that will soon be a working paper at Bremen University (I'll link and give details when it appears) and possibly an article in Comparative European Politics.

I'm also presenting a paper on social justice at Coventry University (feel the glamour!) next year. Alas, I just can't find a reason to go here.

Hopefully more frequent blogging from now on in.

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