Monday, January 31, 2005

No more, ever

The Guardian's excellent football section has the lowdown on why Rodney Marsh's 'joke' about the Tsunami victims is more than just crass, tasteless humour. I think that they're actually doing him a favour by belittling him as stupid. The real problem wasn't that Marsh didn't realise that what he said was in bad taste, but that he didn't see how it was wrong. This detatchment from the standards that the rest of society adhere to is something that, sadly, is all too common in the game today.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I love Unfogged. This made me laugh after a rubbish day in the office.

Friday, January 14, 2005

New! Interactive blogging!

I'm having a proper think (for a change) about the comment on my last post. I'll put up a response shortly.

In the meantime, you remember the brilliant article that I mentioned ages ago? Well it looks like I'll probably be spending some time in Princeton with the author, Mario Luis Small. Woohoo!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It just makes you proud, doesn't it...

In case you missed it, this week saw the first episode of ITV's new reality show Vote for Me! Essentially, this takes the Pop Idol format and replaces the musical hopefuls with would-be politicians. Good grief!

The first show was, to be honest, a real shocker. The initial interviews, usually the most entertaining part of Pop Idol, were frankly depressing. It is all very well seeing people making fools of themselves by butchering Ricky Martin tunes (if that's possible), but if I want to hear uninformed opinions from self important attention-seekers I'll just go to The Union. As well as this, I can't help but think that people are a little tired of the format, and that the subject matter is only really going to interest sad sacks like me.

Oh, and where will the winning candidate stand? Well, Michael Howard has a majority of under 6,000...

More on UKIP

I've got a lot of time for Josh Chafetz's posts. Once again he shows a legitimate concern for the enduring (although thankfully marginal) popularity of UKIP. Regular readers will note that this is a particular concern of mine - I'm just aghast at the readiness of some parts of the MSM to accept what is essentially a party of the extreme right masquerading as a loose coalition of Eurosceptics.

Monday, January 10, 2005

Another election?

OK, interesting news...I've just been asked if I'm interested in standing in the local elections. I'm going to start following it through and as best I can I'll post about the process, though I might not be able to go into great detail for obvious reasons. My initial thoughts:

1) Whaat?
2) Damn, I might miss the GE count on an 05/05/05 poll.

But then, I might not even get selected...

It just gets worse...

I've just spent the morning drafting a campaign timetable for 05/05/05. Talk about humiliating! In my defence, I also drafted one for 9th June and even one for the 24th Feb. I've heard from the very highest authority that the Feb date may still happen, but it would have to be called in the next couple of weeks so I just don't buy it. I'm beginning to think that the symmetry of the May date appeals to a lot of the guys in the central party, who often keep half an eye on history.

Oh, and apologies for the errors in the post below - I was tired and not thinking straight. The Iraq thing applies, of course, to Feb.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

I humbly back down...

...And wipe the egg off my face. But Kavanagh is still wrong I tell you! It is to be a June election, I'm sure of it this time (if you believe that you'll believe anything - ed).

Seriously though, it is interesting to speculate about why the February rumours faded. The party machinery was definitely moving and the polling workload was definitely stepping up. If I had to place a bet, I'd say that despite the fact that a winter-supressed turnout would favour Labour, a lot of political baggage needed to be shifted before the campaign proper could begin (fox-hunting etc.)

Likewise, 050505 is probably a bad call as there will be local elections and hot (well, warm) weather to boost the turnout. Additionally, you can't discount the damaged caused by the high political profile of Iraq, with the elections due then (although this isn't my personal view).

So I stick my neck out once more and say June, where we've had five of the last six polls. I'm a traditionalist you see!

Tsunami appeal

Just a note to any of my readers in Oxford:


When: Friday, January 7th 9PM-1AM
Where: Wolfson Cellar Bar
Cost: 2 pounds entry with ALL proceeds going to charity

This is not going to help me work off those Christmas pounds...

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