Monday, January 10, 2005

It just gets worse...

I've just spent the morning drafting a campaign timetable for 05/05/05. Talk about humiliating! In my defence, I also drafted one for 9th June and even one for the 24th Feb. I've heard from the very highest authority that the Feb date may still happen, but it would have to be called in the next couple of weeks so I just don't buy it. I'm beginning to think that the symmetry of the May date appeals to a lot of the guys in the central party, who often keep half an eye on history.

Oh, and apologies for the errors in the post below - I was tired and not thinking straight. The Iraq thing applies, of course, to Feb.

Admit it, you are Tony Blair's boot boy, aren't you?
You want to be careful who you're calling a Blairite in this day and age...
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