Wednesday, January 12, 2005

It just makes you proud, doesn't it...

In case you missed it, this week saw the first episode of ITV's new reality show Vote for Me! Essentially, this takes the Pop Idol format and replaces the musical hopefuls with would-be politicians. Good grief!

The first show was, to be honest, a real shocker. The initial interviews, usually the most entertaining part of Pop Idol, were frankly depressing. It is all very well seeing people making fools of themselves by butchering Ricky Martin tunes (if that's possible), but if I want to hear uninformed opinions from self important attention-seekers I'll just go to The Union. As well as this, I can't help but think that people are a little tired of the format, and that the subject matter is only really going to interest sad sacks like me.

Oh, and where will the winning candidate stand? Well, Michael Howard has a majority of under 6,000...

Watching people butchering Ricky Martin would probably be more fun.

With a proper question for a change, do you think the Tories are likely to be relegated to third party after the next election? I mean, nobody's going to vote the Liberals in, but who'd vote for Michael Howard's team of greasy, smug salesfolk? Wouldn't trust 'em as far as I could shit 'em, as a particularly coarse friend of mine would probably say... but then, I thought that about the elections in the US, too.
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