Monday, February 28, 2005

Every child should have one

Very intermittent blogging I know, but in my defence, I've been proper busy1.

In the meantime, I wish this had been available when I was growing up.

Update: I think the paper should be appearing on the website soon. Phew! It was a herculean (group) effort! Not sure how I feel about being described as a sociologist though (see comments)! I suppose at least it's an 'ology'!

1. Click on 'program' and scroll down - you can find me under the 'Gender and Social Justice' stream.
I agree with much of what you have said on this site, you are truely of sound mind and judgement. I look forward to more of your well thought out critiques of contemporary sogiological literature-comrade! I shall recommend your teachings to the peoples of my kingdom. Dr Gonzalez McWerter (University of the Kingdom of Zorgon Minor -Sociology Dept).
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