Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hmmm, I wonder when the election will be?

John Prescott's a character. Really he is. In yesterday's PMQs (he was standing in for TB), he came out with this:

If people are to judge on 5 May—the election will be on 5 May, will it not?


The right hon. and learned Gentleman seems to have forgotten that it is the county council elections that will be on 5 May

Hillary Armstrong's face was a picture when he came out with that - there was a moment when everyone thought he'd just let slip the date of the general election. Brilliant! In an age where political debate is in danger of growing stale and predictable you can always count on Prescott.

Incidentally, I love it when Hansard records an 'interruption'. It did the same when Fathers for Justice threw paint during PMQs a few months back.
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